Psst... here's a Valuable Tip!

In the house we offer materials from some of the area artists whose work is featured in the house and the recent year's Toe River Arts Council Studio Guidebook. The tour is one of the coolest things about the region that makes it truly unique! And, their guidebook is a fantastic resource year round!

In the TRAC Guide guests can see photos of the artists' work, a map and the region the studio is located in, and, using their key, the guidebook also identifies studios that are open year round to visitors either by set hours or by appointment.

This is a great way to spend a day or two even in the off season! The artists appreciate the patronage and our guests love seeing the studio, talking with the artist, and being able to purchase work directly from them - making it a WIN/WIN! So, don't be shy! Check out the guide and go see some folks! They might even have some "seconds" - items that are not quite up to their exacting standards for galleries, but are still good pieces. 

Here are the galleries we love to visit, but there are many more! All of the galleries listed below are friendly to novices and experienced collectors alike!

Crimson Laurel Gallery.jpg

Crimson Laurel Gallery

The Crimson Laurel used to be located in Bakersville, but moved a few years ago to a new location near Burnsville at the Micaville Bypass. They represent ceramics artists and jewelers. Their friendly staff are happy to help. In the back of the gallery space is a huge studio where potters make items to sale at North Carolina Visitor's Centers all over the state.

Fork Mountain Pottery.jpg

Fork Mountain Pottery - Bakersville

Much of the pottery in the house is made by this duo, Suze Lindsay and Kent McLaughlin! Their gallery is one beautiful drive, about 20 minutes, from the house on Roan Mountain. Suze and Kent are long time friends and super friendly people. Well worth the drive! Sometimes we pack a picnic and eat next to the stream in Bakersville on our way, too!

In Tandem Gallery - Bakersville

This is one of our new favorites!   Silvia Ferarri-Palmer is a very friendly, lovely Italian women with a great eye! An artist herself, the gallery features work from regional, national and international artists both in ceramics and jewelry, as well as some 2D. There is something to fit just about any budget and you don't have to be a collector to enjoy visiting her space!

Mica Gallery.jpg

Mica Gallery - Bakersville

Another favorite and located just across the street in Bakersville from In Tandem, this cooperative gallery has a wide variety of pottery and features guest artist exhibitions in other media as well. Because they carry so many artists, you can find the style that fits your personality or space. Many of the artists are well known names in the field and have work in collections all over the world, but don't think that means everything is for a collector's purse. You can find smaller items and production pieces with price tags that are budget friendly, as well as one of a kind pieces and fine craft that speak a bit more to the needs of the highly discerning collector.

    Penland Gallery.jpg

    Penland Gallery (very close to the house) & Penland's Annual Benefit Auction

    The gallery and welcome center is a gracious way to be introduced to craft and this amazing school! Penland is the oldest and largest crafts school in America. They are internationally recognized as the hub for high-end craft in United States. Their new gallery space is stunning! They carry work in all media made by artists who are both promising up-and-comers and well established names in the field. The staff is friendly and more than happy to answer questions, meeting visitors at their particular level of knowledge and interest. The school has amazing energy and is rooted in the community and the gallery experience is well curated. A visit to Penland is something you won't want to miss!

      Toe River Arts Council (TRAC)

      There is a TRAC gallery is Bakersville and Burnsville. Each of them features work made by studio artists in the region. Their collection rotates, so visit often. Gallery staff are super helpful offering information about the artists, as well as information about the area. 

      One of the most exciting things TRAC does is host a studio tour twice a year - once in June and another one in December. With countless artist studios to visit on this self-guided tour,  participants can plan their weekend according to the studios they want to visit. While there they can see the work, talk to the artist, and even purchase pieces to take home as a memento. It is an amazing experience that has repeat customers year after year!

      One of the best thing about the tour is their published guide that we make available in the house. In the guide you will be able to see photos of the artists work, the region they are located in, and if they have a studio that is open year round to visitors. Guests can use this resource to call and schedule days and/or times to come out. Even in the off season the artists appreciate the patronage and our guests love seeing the studio, talking with the artist, and being able to purchase work directly from them - making it a WIN/WIN! So, don't be shy! Check out the guide and go see some folks!

      The Energy Xchange (uses methane gas to fuel studios - very interesting residency program)

      This program uses methane gas from trash in the landfill to fuel studios, farm projects and hydroponics. 

      Artists Whose Work is in The House

      As mentioned in the TRAC Studio section, there are a number of studios you can visit; some are within walking distance of the house.

      Here are the places that we love to visit and who have work in the house, though you will find many more along the way...

      • Going Toward Penland School (go left on the Conley Ridge when facing the view):

      Barking Spider Pottery

      Teresa Pietsch Pottery

      Penland Resident Artists: Penland Resident Barns are also a great place to stop! Visitors are encouraged to stop in the studios of the resident artists at Penland and talk with them about their work. See the signs on the road for more details!

      Not within walking distance, but not too far away: