Policies at Conley House

Listed below are some of our policies. Please see our Rental Agreement for the entirety of terms and conditions should you have a question or feel free to ask the owners. 


Check-in: 4:00 PM (EST)

Check-out: 11:00 am (EST)

We are happy to accommodate early check-ins or late check-outs whenever possible, provided we do not have other guests arriving and departing on the same day. Cleaning Conley House and preparing for a new guest takes 4.5-5 hours, so please be courteous of housekeeping and check-in and out on time unless prior arrangements have been made.

Cleanliness Upon Arrival and Repairs

Please notify us of any cleaning problems or maintenance/ equipment problems within 1 hour of your arrival or as soon as the issue arrises. If you are a late arrival, please contact us the next morning. If we are not notified, we will consider everything was found to be clean and to your satisfaction.  

In the event there is a malfunction, something breaks or there is a significant problem, we will make every effort to correct the problem as soon as possible. However, due to the workload of service personnel, parts availability and holiday hours, we can make no guarantees that repairs will be accomplished immediately. 

General Cancelation Policy

Short-term Rental (14 nights or less) - Bookings canceled at least 60 days before the start of the stay will receive a 100% refund. Bookings canceled at least 30 days before the start of the stay will receive a 50% refund. Cancellations must be made by NOON (CST) on the appropriate day. In certain situations and at the discretion of the owners, guests may move their dates to comparable ones that are available later in the year (within 12 months of the original booking.)

Longterm or Monthly Rentals (15 nights or longer) - Renters must cancel at least one-hundred-twenty (120) days in advance of the date of arrival for a 100% refund. Bookings canceled ninety (90) days or less before the date of arrival will receive a 50% refund. Bookings canceled under 14 days will receive no refund. Changes that result in a shortened stay, arriving later or leaving earlier will not receive any refund. Cancellations must be made by NOON CST (central standard time) on the appropriate day. 

Storm Policy/Road Conditions

No refunds will be given for storms. The main paved road and gravel driveway to Conley House are maintained but NOT plowed for snow or ice in the winter. Sorry there are No Refunds due to road conditions or power outages. However, if a severe storm is predicted prior to your scheduled arrival date we will re-book you for another (available) date within the next 12 months. If you wish to purchase travel insurance, go to  www.InsureMyTrip.com for more details.

Artwork & Care of Kitchen

Please DO NOT cut on the countertops or bar in the kitchen. Essentially they are original works of art and would be very costly to repair or replace. 

The dual fuel range has a high BTU burner that gets very hot and can easily scorch pots and pans. Please be aware of this when using the stove. The owners request that you use the downdraft exhaust fan when using the stove to minimize oily residue.

Many of the dishes are one of a kind pieces made by area potters and glass blowers. Please use and enjoy them. If something breaks, please let us know so it can be replaced. Except in the case of excessive breakage, you will not be held responsible. We want to know so the item can be replaced for future guests.

Please feel free to touch and engage with the artwork responsibly. 

Small Children

Children are welcome! However, please bear in mind that Conley House is not baby-proofed; plugs are exposed, the yard is steep in places; artwork may be displayed within reach; and cords may dangle and be enticing or problematic for small children. As with any new environment, therefore children should be watched at all times - especially if they are not familiar with living with original works of art. Please keep in mind that the person who books the house is ultimately responsible for any damages, even if the child who did the damage was not theirs.


Smoking is NOT allowed in the house. However, guests may smoke responsibly on the terrace and in the yard. Butts should be dead-out, wetted and disposed of in a trash receptacle. Please do not drop them in the yard. Smoking in the home, by the renter or their guests, will result in forfeiture of the security deposit.



As dog lovers, we know how difficult it can be to find nice accommodations when traveling with our furry family members - especially when you have multiple pets. Therefore we decided to make this option available to renters. The following guidelines are designed to ensure that we and future renters can enjoy the property after your family has left. 

Types of Pets

  • Dogs - fully house-trained, must be spayed/neutered
  • Cats - sorry, cats are not allowed - no exceptions, because the owner has a severe allergic reaction to cats. 
  • Birds, potbellied pigs, rabbits, and reptiles - caged pets are allowed, but must remain caged or crated during their stay.

Weight Limits & Maximum Number of Dogs

If you have multiple pets or large dogs, please call or email so we can discuss this in more detail. In general, well behaved dogs 55 pounds or smaller are fine, provided they do not get on the furniture or mark inside the house. All pets must be up to date on vaccinations and treated for fleas and ticks with a medication such as Vectra, Trifexis or Advantage, within three days of arrival (or within manufacturer specifications.)  


All dogs should be current on all vaccinations, including rabies.

Pet Behavior in the House

Pets are NOT allowed on the furniture. If evidence shows that a pet was on the furniture, an additional cleaning fee might be incurred by the person renting the house - even if the pet was not theirs. Because dogs are sensitive to smells of other animals, please bring bedding for your pet. Please DO NOT use blankets in the house for this purpose, especially if your pets shed, or the owners' pet beds, as these are for their pets.

Flea & Tick Control/Local Vet Contact

All dogs must be treated with a flea and tick control, such as Vectra, Frontline or Advantage, at least 3 days before arrival. It seems true all over the country, one preventative seems to work better in certain regions than others. We recommend calling Stewart's Mountain View Animal, located on 19E in Spruce Pine, phone (828) 765-7059 to ask about this season. If extermination of the house is required, an additional cleaning fee will be incurred by the renter.

Accidents & Pet Waste Cleanup

Please clean-up after your pets in the house AND the yard. All solid waste must be removed from the yard and disposed of using compostable/biodegradable pet waste bags or baggies. Please, DO NOT place waste in the garbage without the use of a doggy-bag or a special clean up fee will be assessed by our housekeeper and thus deducted from your security deposit. Failure to pickup after your pet will forfeit any refundable security deposit. If you have taken out damage protection insurance instead of a refundable security deposit please know that not cleaning up after your pets could incur additional cleaning fees, which may not be covered by damage protection insurance.

Barking & Crating When You're Not At Home

Because pets can react in unpredictable ways when in a new environment, dogs must be crated or restricted in a "play pen" when the owners are not in the home. Please remember, as the the renter, you are responsible for any damages (chewed-on or smelly furniture, damaged flooring, broken screens, scratched doors/frames, etc)  - regardless of whose pet created the damage during your stay.

Because the house is secluded, barking is not an issue. Therefore, owners may leave their pets on the property while they go on outings. As always, please make sure your pet is secured, has fresh water in a bowl that is not prone to tipping over (such a bowl is available at the house) and that they are walked in a reasonable amount of time to prevent soiling the hardwood floors or carpets.

Leash Policy 

For your and your pet's safety, we recommend that you keep your pet on a leash or, at least, watch them closely to make sure they don't go off for a visit never to return. 

Places to go with your Pets

Hiking the trails on the Roan is a great outing with your pet. The town of Bakersville has a very nice creekside walking path right in town. Spruce Pine's Riverside Park, also downtown, is quite nice, and is also located on the water of the North Toe River. There are a number of restaurants who have seasonal outdoor seating, some are friendly to well-behaved pets joining diners who are out for the day. 

Fire Pot

Guests are welcome to use the fire pot. Wood is not provided, but is readily available at area stores and is often left by previous guests, too. A FIRE PERMIT is required by the county. These can be obtained at P & R Grocery on 226N, which is easy to find and is a short drive away. They also usually offer fire wood.